Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Youtube IT

The way the web is working today it has become essential for Internet marketers to turn to the medium of video. The greatest source for videos on the web is Youtube and since Google has bought it out it has gone from strength to strength.

Youtube has a vast amount of subscribers and people uploading videos on all kinds of subjects. Most Internet marketers need to consider as well as having good article content on their website also to have good unique video content to enhance the website and all importantly make more sales and traffic.

The growth of self-produced videos has been phenomenal and only a fraction of the percentage of Internet marketers has tapped into this rich resource. The way that Google is likely to work in the future is to rank websites on how long a visitor spends on the site this is to try to eliminate so called Spam sites that are entirely of adverts with little or no useable content for the visitor.

One of the best ways to get around this problem is to have an interesting video that complements your website on the landing page this way if the visitor plays the video then you have got around the short stay visitor problem. Also it brings in more sales as they will be looking round your site for longer and its up to you to produce better quality links to affiliate products or better Adsense positioning.

By adding good sufficient video content to your web you will be able to either use it to explain your product you are selling as a demonstration therefore giving your visitor exact instructions on how to use your product which has been proven to dramatically increase sales.

I find that a lot of old static well established sites are going to need to add video content to their sites to stay in the game. The power of video linking will be used as a very strong tool in Internet marketing. The easiest way to get into this game now is to sign up for a Youtube account and there are even video instructions about to upload a video to the site.

I have found that by adding video content to my landing pages has increased visitor time on my webs and has raised the profiles of my sites as this is a new medium that search engines want to promote.

It is very easy to search Youtube for appropriate video content for your website and copy it into your HTML code to make video presentations. If you stick to the rules of Youtube sharing video policy then everyone’s a winner the guy who puts up the video content gets good back links to his site.

I have started to produce my own videos for Youtube and my own sites and have found great satisfaction of being able to become my own web director making a full multimedia website that has all the features of what a good website should have. Which are unique accurate content, good video content, adverts that are not obtrusive to your site visitor and affiliate links that promote good products that are related to your website. Clear navigation and good layout and sitemap.

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